Sunday, May 4, 2008

Who's Your #1?

TIME magazine just published their list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The list covers world leaders, scientists, artists, and captains of industry.

100 Most Influential People - complete list

Just for kicks, go through and see how many names you recognize. I got 33/100, taking a big hit on the Scientists & Thinkers and Builders & Titans sections. I did significantly better identifying selections from the preview for PEOPLE magazine's upcoming 100 Most Beautiful People list.


Maureen Gillespie said...

I went 32/100. I took a huge hit in the Science and Thinkers section as well. What I found interesting is that after reading the bios associated with the names, I'm familiar with nearly all of the findings related to brain/stem cell/genetics research which is why about half of the people are on the list.

I'm not sure if I find it sad or refreshing that in science single names aren't really attached to huge breakthroughs or innovations.

Alex Kotce said...

I got 101 right. You guys are obviously stupid and don't get influenced often.

joshua francis said...

I'm glad to know that Tyler Perry has played such an integral part in shaping your life.

Alex Kotce said...

Why did I get married, Josh?