Friday, May 23, 2008


Featured yesterday on NPR's Morning Edition, acclaimed concert violinist Hilary Hahn and folk-rocker Josh Ritter are collaborating on a series of shows.

I had never heard of Hahn before and I had nearly forgotten about Ritter after a series of mid-decade studio albums failed to deliver on the promise of his always excellent live performances; however, irregardless of interest in either Ritter or Hahn, the spirit of this project is laudable.

Too often musical collaborations are reduced to cameos that feel either hasty or contrived and it's refreshing to hear one that seems to have originated out of mutual curiosity and professional respect.

You can listen/read the Morning Edition segment here and find links to the entire concert in the sidebar.

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Tyler James said...

Hahn played all the violin on that ...Trail of Dead album "World's Apart."