Friday, May 16, 2008

Tough Talk

More than any policy that I personally oppose, and even more than his chilling attempts to raise his arms, I am terrified by John McCain's dependence on teleprompters. Here he is "passionately" reacting to Obama's declaration of McCain's toughguyism.

I fully understand that a lot of campaign speeches are carefully constructed by enormous teams of strategists, but this method is unnerving. The way he turns his vehemence on and off is embarassing. Are the people in attendance really convinced that he is formulating what to say in his head? And even scarier, are they really pacified even if they know that he isn't?


Michael B. Luz said...

"The War In Iraq. Senator Obama has said if elected he will withdraw Americans from *huhhhh* from Iraq, no matter what the situation on the ground..."


I think the short answer is "no." Just like Bush and Cheney don't give a shit what people think about their policies, I don't think McCain cares if people are convinced of his on-the-spot ability to speak or think. People who are going to vote for McCain are either politically superficial, profoundly confused, or disturbingly cynical. He won't be our next president.

joshua francis said...

Every politician and tv host uses either a teleprompter and/or notes extensively. I don't think it's any secret that extemporaneous speaking is almost non-existent these days but McCain's inability to make it look even vaguely natural is embarrassing.

Give the poor guy some large print note cards.

Tyler James said...

There is a huge difference between extensively and exclusively.

Jess said...

Absolute fear-mongering. The worst part is knowing my father is going to vote for this man. Embarassing.

Maureen Gillespie said...

Yeah, all three of the other voters in my family are McCainiacs, too. It's pretty sad.