Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Alien is My Brother

I assume I'm not the only one who's struggled to reconcile my Catholic faith with a belief in aliens and today straight from the Vatican comes some good news about our souls and the potential souls of our extraterrestrial brothers. Head Vatican astronomer Fr. Jose Gabriel Funes said in an interview with L' Osservatore Romano that believing in extraterrestrial life is not opposed to Catholic doctrine. Repent, rejoice, and look to the skies.

Full Article: Believing in Aliens not Opposed to Christianity, Vatican's Top Astronomer Says


Michael B. Luz said...

This is all well and good, but what will the Pope say when "Independence Day" really happens and Will Smith is too busy being a father to save the world? In other words, the larger question here is, is Catholic faith founded on the impossibility of a successful alien invasion and complete and utter holocaust?

joshua francis said...

ugh, tough question.

I feel that the easy answer here is that a successful alien invasion would be a non-issue given the eternal salvation promised by the church for those who repent. Earthly suffering beneath the whip of an alien overlord would be a small price to pay for the rewards of heaven.

However, Funes's point that the aliens may have "remained in full friendship with the creator" while man endured The Fall raises concerns that an invasion (and the almost certain enslavement of the human race) might be both divinely sanctioned and entirely deserved.

Also, I think your allegation that Will Smith may be keeping a less than vigilant watch is ludicrous and unfounded scaremongering.