Monday, May 19, 2008

Product Review: Life Vanilla Yogurt Cereal

I don't like milk and consequently I only utilize cereal in a dry snack capacity. Usually I stick with standard plain cereals like Cheerios but on my last trip to the store I decided to shake things up and try something new. Life Vanilla Yogurt cereal by Quaker is a mix of a vanilla flavored Life squares and yogurt covered oat clusters. Compared to Cheerios, it packs a higher calorie punch while providing just as much iron, folic acid, and essential B-vitamins. On paper this seemed to satisfy all of the core requirements for a solid snack cereal but as soon as I opened the box things fell apart.

Life Vanilla Yogurt cereal can kindly be described as tasting like generic brand Nilla wafers and leaves a film on your teeth reminiscent of sugary kids' cereals. I thought perhaps that the yogurt clusters would redeem the cereal but not only were there no yogurt clusters in the first two handfuls, I had to remove the bag from the box before I could even see one. In the bottom corner of the bag amidst the broken squares and Life dust were half a handful of pathetically small clusters. I dug some out only to find that they tasted exactly like the Life squares; in a blind taste test it would be nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two elements.

While certainly not the worst cereal I've ever had, Life Vanilla Yogurt is high on the list of most disappointing.


Maureen Gillespie said...

What is the worst cereal you've ever had?

joshua francis said...


Maureen Gillespie said...

It sounds frighteningly like the name of a wild animal, and organic.