Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The New Humanities Initiative

Today in the New York Times:

New Curriculum Designed to Unite Art and Science
...a few scholars of thick dermis and pep-rally vigor believe that the cultural chasm can be bridged and the sciences and the humanities united into a powerful new discipline that would apply the strengths of both mindsets, the quantitative and qualitative, to a wide array of problems. Among the most ambitious of these exercises in fusion thinking is a program under development at Binghamton University in New York called the New Humanities Initiative.
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...also of interest in today's Times:

On The Trail, One Aide Looms Over Obama
...some unofficial rules have emerged between the candidate and his aide. From Mr. Obama: “One cardinal rule of the road is, we don’t watch CNN, the news or MSNBC. We don’t watch any talking heads or any politics. We watch ‘SportsCenter’ and argue about that.”
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Maureen Gillespie said...

Sometimes, it feels as though academia is separated into the "arts" and the "sciences" within divisions specifically named "College of Arts and Sciences." Disciplines like psychology find themselves in strange positions, perched half in the hard-science world of statistics and biology and half in the world of subjective interpretation and qualitative data. Universities can't even figure out what psychology is; half of schools offer psychology majors the B.A. and half the B.S. What is the division? Why should there be one, especially considering the fact that a B.S. will give you a 5K jump in starting salary?

I feel as though the New Humanities approach will only benefit the intellectual climate. Academia has become a disjointed bunch of specialists, and maybe this approach will actually achieve universities' goals of producing well-rounded, informed graduates and academics.

Death to piecemeal, uninspired general education requirements!