Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BBC Rocks

Mild disappointment with the latest Indiana Jones film left me nostalgic for the theological mysteries and Christian iconography of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade and today I felt compelled to re-watch my favorite clips from those films.

As always, I found myself fascinated by the mysterious contents of Sean Connery's grail notebook and curiosity led me to research the origins of the grail story. I found that bbc.co.uk/history provides an excellent overview of the grail myth, complete with a gallery of artistic interpretations ranging from 14th century French illuminations through modern films.

Further exploration of the BBC history site led me to the amazing, interactive Timeline of British History. Anyone who was entertained enough to stay awake during a hypnotically narrated Simon Schama documentary will appreciate the BBC's efforts.

Incredibly comprehensive and browsable, the flash timeline loads up in only a few seconds and spans from the Neolithic Age to the present, providing expandable links and summaries of every major event in British history. A variety of filters allow you to focus your timeline by subject, region, and period.


Jess said...

I was never so interested in the Grail as I was in Indy's dad's Grail book. Those worn, yellowed pages... the looseleaf illustrations and maps... the leather cord that tied the book together... magic

joshua francis said...

today I slipped a business card into my Square Deal Marble Memo between a movie ticket and barnes & noble receipt; I did my best to feel vaguely adventurous as I put it back in my hip pocket.