Monday, July 27, 2009

another crisis averted thanks to cartoons

anyone who knows me, knows that i like to reference cartoons in conversation.

let me put it this way, some people have the bible, other people have wise and aged family members, i have cartoons. cartoons have taught me many of the many things that have made me who i am. they have taught me morals, ethics, interpersonal skills, economics, what to do with pesky road runners, and so on.

well this post is to honor cartoons which have saved me from unknown horrors.

as this picture above demonstrates i was almost lured into a trap. i know this. i learned this from cartoons. they taught me that carrots on the ground are never just free carrots. i couldn't see the box, but i'm sure it was there, right above those carrots, waiting to drop on me so that some stuttering hunter in flannel could have his way with me.

thank you animated allegories!